Reclaim Arcade’s Soft Opening

Reclaim Arcade’s Soft Opening was on Jan 28, and I’m still thinking about how much fun it was! I could easily stay there all day, there are enough games and things to do for hours of entertainment. We played games for close to 4 hours and it went by in the blink of an eye. My personal favorite games are Gauntlet, Tron, Star Wars, and Outrun.

Before visiting Reclaim Arcade I’d only ever seen arcades in movies and tv shows growing up, so I never knew firsthand what they were like. My expectations were blown out of the water! The whole atmosphere made me nostalgic for a time period I didn’t even live through. More than that, my appreciation for the innovation that had to happen before I was born for me to grow up with the technology I did grew immensely.

We had the most fun in the 80s themed living room. It’s too cool to see all of the small details come together to make what could easily be used as a film set. I’d never held a laser disk movie, or Selectavision CED before. I grew up on VHS tapes and DVDs. I’d never seen a Sony Mavica camcorder, but I do remember using floppy disks in elementary school. It was awesome to explore the little time capsule Jim Groom and Tim Owens expertly crafted. I can’t wait to go back!

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