Handy Dandy Notebook

My first day at Reclaim I only brought a few things with me, but one of them was a small brown notebook from the University of Mary Washington’s Career Center. Now I look at it, filled with all the new accounts I signed up for and the simple questions I had my first few weeks and it’s a sweet memento of my journey so far.

Last December I got a set of 4 notebooks from Target, I was hired at Reclaim a few weeks before so they’ve been dedicated to work content ever since. The covers say “thoughts and ideas”, which is exactly what they’ll hold. Starting at a new job there’s a lot to learn, so my goal is to fill all four notebooks.

In just 3 months Notebook #1 is already 90% full of meeting notes, post ideas, bulleted lists, concept drawings, analogies, reminders, troubleshooting scenarios etcetera. I love to see a physical representation of the progress I’m making. Now that I’m getting the hang of how things work at Reclaim, I’ll be posting more about my understanding of web hosting concepts. Although I’m partial to taking physical notes, I’ll do my best to transcribe my learning process into this digital notebook space as well.

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